Whether it’s editing PDF files immaculately or keeping them perfectly organized as per your demanding workflow, it can live up to your task with aplomb. Add notes, highlight some vital part and even draw on your files.

It’s really something of a Swiss army knife, containing a tremendous number of features.

DOCUMENT 365 (FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE) • Organize page order, rotate, delete, or add pages.

; Tap the table of contents button to view all pages in the PDF…

When it first launched right after the original iPad was released, this was just a good PDF reader. Launch iBooks after updating to iOS 9.3 or later.

Requires iOS 6 or Higher.

The features of WPS PDF reader includes viewing annotations, converting PDF file to different formats, text search, sharing PDF files, special night mode, save PDF to cloud storages and many more.

LiquidText PDF Reader.

... Download Adobe Acrobat Reader (iOS) ... Xodo is a completely free PDF reader that facilitates document collaboration with an array of annotation tools.

This allows you to access all of your PDFs from any of your connected devices. Specifically designed for iPad, LiquidText is an excellent PDF editor.

Best PDF Reader - (fast PDF reader with search) Now works also with iOS 6.1.3!Fast Read PDF documents, magazines and books. Learn how to download and manage PDFs ASAP! Deprecated in favor of PDFKIT for iOS 11+ apps iOS-PDF-Reader.

Chrome on iOS didn't have a built-in functionality to save PDFs for a very long time.

You must not miss these best comic book reader apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020 if you have a huge penchant for reading comics. Install a PDF reader for iOS. Tap the PDF again to see these buttons: Tap the back button to close the PDF and return to your library. If you need to open a protected PDF document on your iOS device, download the Azure Information Protection app from the Apple App store.. Next steps In the years since then it has become so much more. 12/04/2019; 2 minutes to read; In this article. The wait's over, finally! Tap the PDF to open it. #8.

For an example, I wanted to download a huge PDF file to see how Aji Reader would handle it. On the Library tab, find the PDF that you want to view or mark up.

Of course, it’s still a good way to read PDFs. Even though the application is not a PDF centric, it is a decent app for iPad to edit all kind of documents. Terry Freedman’s awesome PDF book, Amazing Web 2.0 Projects, is a resource that I can use when working with faculty in the field.

iOS 9.3 introduced syncing for ebooks and PDF files to your iCloud Drive storage. Top 4 PDF Read­ers with Night Mode.

Since the URL of the PDF is really (really) long, I decided to use Aji’s Google search tool instead.

Fast and lightweight; Thumbnail bar on the bottom to navigate to a specific page

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