The [[:alnum:]] character class represents alphabetic and numeric characters, you can use [^[:alnum:]] for non alpha numeric so for your goal: my target is to work with all kind of characters non alpha numeric and alpha numeric . $ awk '{gsub(/[[:punct:]_[:blank:]]/, " ", $0); print}' /tmp/text.txt This is a test for gsub I typed this random text file which contains punctuation like etc The script should remove all the punctuations fox . Allgemeines.

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Unlike just about every tool that provides regexp substitutions, awk does not allow backreferences such as \1 in replacement text. More about ‘\’ and ‘&’ with sub(), gsub(), and gensub() CAUTION: This subsubsection has been reported to cause headaches. systime() liefert die Zeit in Sekunden seit dem UNIX-Zero-Date Midnight UTC, 1.1.1970 (UTC Universal Time Coordinate) strftime(format,timestamp) formatiert eine Zeitmarke die als timestamp vorliegt mit Hilfe eines Formatstrings und liefert einen String zurück.

In ihnen kann man auch auf komplexere Reguläre Ausdrücke, Variableninhalte und ähnliches prüfen. Output will be sum every file page format: A4 … Hello, I had some difficulty to understand the gsub function and maybe the regex in this script to remove all the punctuations: awk 'gsub(//, " ", $0)' text.txtFile text.txt: This is a test for gsub I typed this random text file which contains punctuation like ,.;!

Diese Bedingungen werden "Pattern" genannt. awk ‘{ print ($1 * $2)/100 }’ but then is hard for me: IF less than 1 that page is A4 if grater than 1 but less than 2 then A3 if grater than 2 but less than 4 then A2 if grater than 4 but less than 8 then A1 if grater than 8 but less than 16 then A0. GNU Awk gives access to matched groups if you use the match function, but not with ~ or sub or gsub.. You might want to skip it upon first reading.

you can use this expression [[:alnum:]] | [^[:alnum:]]. AWK: Abkürzung, die aus den Anfangsbuchstaben der Nachnamen der drei "Väter" der Sprache AWK besteht: Al Aho, Peter Weinberger, Brian Kernighan ; allgemeingültige Programmier- bzw. Also, I have considered sed, but it does not work that well with large text files. 1. Da mit dem awk häufig Log-Dateien ausgewertet werden die Zeitangaben (timestamps) enthalten, bietet der awk zwei Zeitfunktionen an. Das ist aus mehreren Gründen interessant, denn awk bringt unter anderem eine Handvoll vordefinierter Variablen mit. (AAA, BBB, CCC, ABABAB etc) Later edit: I am using a WSL version of Ubuntu. I've used awk in the past for large file manipulation and substitutions.Recently, I've used it to substitute, for ex letter A with a set of characters: $ awk '{gsub(/A/,"@@@")}1' in.txt >> out.txt where in.txt contains strings of letters of various length.

'"?/\ etc.

When using sub(), gsub(), or gensub(), and trying to get literal backslashes and ampersands into the replacement text, you need to remember that there are several levels of escape processing going on.

/1/{ print $0 } Hier werden nur die Zeilen ausgegeben, die eine 1 enthalten. Skriptsprache sowie gleichnamiges Werkzeug, das vor allem eine effektive, flexible und elegante Analyse und Manipulation von Daten im Text-Format gestattet

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